Stand still in that which is pure. – George Fox, 1624-1691

Springbrook Books produces literary experiences that challenge children to practice compassion, enter every moment with reverence, and learn to live into joy.

A not-for-profit literary imprint, Springbrook Books is named for an Oregon village, cut through by a creek at the base of the Chehalem Mountains in Yamhill County. The community of Springbrook grew up alongside Newberg. Its first buildings were the General Store and the New Friends Church, a Quaker meeting, followed by the Springbrook Cooperative Cannery and the Springbrook Community School.

These buildings gathered around the railroad line and train depot which connected the community to Portland to the northeast and Newberg to the southwest. Springbrook was a vital gathering spot for farmers and their families. Many worked at the cannery, worshiped and attended community events at the church and educated their children at the school. The community was eventually incorporated into the eastern part of the city of Newberg.

The Religious Society of Friends, also known as Quakers, holds that each child has the ability to recognize what is true, to respond to what is true, and to speak the truth. Springbrook represents both our roots as a Quaker press and our aim to provide a place of creativity, beauty, spirituality, and adventure for all children. Gathered together in sacred expectation, we find that good stories uncover what is good in us, help us to see the good in each other, and challenge us to work for good in the world.

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